My name is Kristina, but my friends call me Krust. I love portrait, documentary and fine art photography. In the past I have worked as a Nanny, a tech support/customer service professional, a marketing assistant, and a maker/Etsy seller! Throughout my diverse career, I have come to find one thing is absolutely certain: I NEED to be creative. 

Once I finally decided to declare photography as my major in college, I fell in love with the process of setting up shots and making prints in the darkroom. With assignment deadlines it was hard to find models that could work with my schedule, so I found a way to combat the need for models and I started collecting dolls. My dolls became my perfect photo subjects and I was able to experiment and photograph whenever I wanted. I continued to hone my skills in digital classes and began taking fewer photos of dolls and started working with real live people. Oh, the people. I love it when people get in front of my camera. I am most excited about capturing the connections between individuals. I love to see special moments and relationships between others frozen in time.

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